TILLO iNTERNATIONAL concept was born in 2010 after years of searching for the perfect board I came to the conclusion that was time to build my own. The market is full of great boards however there is always something that may not fit our style and criteria,  so now we can offer custom boards design for specific requirement on a board to board basics. We already have many pre-design shapes that have been tested for years and work really well however we always continue improving each shape and create new ones. There is nothing like a board built for you . Alex Morales contact :   Here a bit of my background : Alex Morales journeyed from Cuba to America… by windsurfer. This is the story of his brave journey across the ocean and to becoming a respected board shaper. Images and words by Timothy Venn.


Your boards and sports gear are valuable. Trusting their fate to a set of cheap straps doesn't make sense. But what makes one tie-down better than another? The same things that separate a custom surfboard or carbon-fiber paddleboard from a pop-out in the discount bin: clever design, quality materials and hand craftsmanship by people with experience.



A Bellyak is a craft for lay-on-top kayaking…a kayak you ride on your belly.

Combines the best aspects of boating and swimming

Multiple ways to ride, without restricting straps or a confining sprayskirt. A Bellyak provides the perfect interface between you and the water, for people of ALL ABILITIES.

It is to kayaking what snowboarding is to skiing…an entirely new way to explore the same terrain.


RAW ELEMENTS USA sunscreen is gentle enough for use in infant care and meets the performance demands of the most extreme athletes. We utilize a sustainable, recycled, Non Nano, uncoated Zinc Oxide as the sole Active Ingredient. This is delivered in a gentle, Certified Organic ingredient, Eco-Safe, Reef-Safe, Leaping Bunny - Cruelty Free certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, NPA Certified Natural formula. 

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