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Get to know me


Miamian by birth, Nicaraguan by descent. I have been drawn to the water my entire life. Since I was 5 years old I have always felt at peace in the water. Started with swimming and then Water Polo - accomplishing a Four Time MVP by High School with the same honors in Swimming.


Upon graduation, I knew I needed to stay near the ocean and joined the City of Miami Beach Ocean Rescue Division at the tender age of 19. Making me the youngest and one of only three women in a male dominated field. And as destiny would have it, during the first few months I was introduced to Paddleboarding.

My passion for paddling is a metaphor for my perspective in life “Facing challenges one stroke at a time, no matter how the odds appear”. Which led me to start a non-profit organization “ Keep Paddlin”

Today I continue my work with Miami Ocean Rescue as an EMT and promoting paddle boarding . Always looking for the next great stroke at a time.


2003-2015 Key West Classic - 12 miles Multiple 1st place


(10'6 stock & ulimited)


2007 Bimini, Bahamas to Miami - Florida Solo Prone - Paddleboard


crossing 19 hours & 33 mins (fastest time recorded)



2007 Catalina Classic - Catalina CA-32 Miles, Finisher



2008, 13, 14, 15 Molokai 2 Oahu 32 Miles - Top Finish: 3rd Place



2011 Cuba to Key West - 103 Mile Solo Prone Paddleboard Crossing

29 hours & 12 mins.


Only Succesfull Solo Prone Crossing to Date!



2007, 09, 12, 13 Jay Moriarty Memorial

“Jay Race” - Santa Cruz, CA 12 miles Top Finish: 1st Place (stock)



2013 Lifeguard of the Year State of Florida, Beach Patrol Chief’s Assoc


2013 Rock 2 Rock Catalina to San Pedro, CA -22 miles Top Finish: 2nd

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